Introductory Training “Business-ideas” at «FESK» Business School

Tomorrow the Business School «FESK» will held an opening training from the organizers of the project, the Student Economists Organization “EC 42/62”.

Participants can expect the following offers:

– practical advices on entrepreneurship and business;

– discussing of the project details;

– several business games;

– coffee break, where everyone can get acquainted and talk.

The training will be held on 22th of December at 14.30 in the auditorium 66 (4th floor) of Scientific and Technical Library of NTU “KhPI”.

Join our group and get involved!

The world needs your ideas!


First Entrepreneurs School is an initiative of the project TEMPUS BUSEEG-RU-UA “Developing Intra- and Entrepreneurial Competences through Entrepreneurship Education and Start-Up Consultancy”.

Organizers of the business school:

  • «Bureau of Entrepreneurship Development» of NTU “KhPI” Economic Faculty;
  • Student’s Economists Organization «EK 42/62»;
  • NTU “KhPI” ENACTUS Team.

The project is supported by:

  • The NTU “KhPI” trade union organization of students;
  • Interfaculty scientific-methodical center «INNOLAB»;
  • Innovative Skills Laboratory;
  • PrintHouse.