Requirements for addmission

Recruitment of foreign citizens for training, reception and admission at the University, organization and control of the educational process, accommodation and other tasks performs

Admission for study is carried out through on the basis of the Contract signed by the University administration with the applicant or any other physical or juridical persons; admission is possible on the basis of international agreements by letters of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Training is delivered in Ukrainian and Russian languages and in English.

For receiving the invitation for study:

  • candidates have to fill in application form or/and send it on e-mail
  • candidates have to send copies of passport and school leaving certificate with marks (grades);
  • after receiving the university consent to study in Ukraine, candidates have to pay 40$
  • after all these procedures the invitation to study in Ukraine will be drawn up.

For receiving entry visa (D) for studying in Ukraine (NTU “KhPI” in particular):

For receiving entry visa for studying in Ukraine candidates have to send a request to The Embassy of Ukraine in their own or foreign country by filling in application form for getting entry visa for studying in Ukraine and enclosing University invitation.

After receiving entry visa (D) in the Embassy of Ukraine for studying, please inform the Centre of International Education via e-mail, about date of Your arrival and your flight number to Kyiv or other cityes of Ukraine.

Foreing students, postgraduates and participants of preparatory Department are provided with dormitories. Depending on the comfort level the accommodation costs is between 25-64 USD per month

Other expenses

Issuance of invitation letter – 40 USD

How to get an invitation for study?

To receive the “Invitation for study” student should send an e-mail to the Centre for International Education of the NTU “KhPI” with attached:

  • Scanned copy of the international passport (page with photo);
  • Document on education and qualification;

All mentioned above documents should be translated into Ukrainian language.

Only after receipt of written notice from NTU “KhPI” and after payment for invitation the “Invitation to study” will be issued.

How to receive the “Entrance visa”?

To receive the “Entrance visa” you should:

  • Apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country, send in an application for “Entrance visa” for education in Ukraine;
  • Enclose to application the “Invitation to study” from NTUU “KPI”.

Visa processing period lasts one month, for this reason it is necessary to send the documents mentioned in paragraph “How to get invitation for study” not later than 2 months before beginning of the classes.

Upon receipt of visa “D” for study, it is necessary to inform the CIE of NTU “KhPI” about the date of your arrival to Kyiv (number of flight), by:


Documents required for admission:

  1. Application form;
  2. Certificate/Diploma (copy and original);
  3. Academic transcript, copy and original(included marks and academic progress);
  4. Pre-admission certificate;
  5. Passport copy (page with photo);
  6. Medical health certificate (full-time),
  7. 12 photos (3,5х4,5 cm. color in mate);

Documents mentioned in clauses 2 – 5 must be verified according to the legislation of the country they were granted in, legalized and authenticated under the established procedure, if nothing else is contemplated by the international treaties of Ukraine.

After receiving the university admission letters to study in Ukraine, candidates have to transfer 40$ to University foreign currency account for invitation preparation see attached file,